New Gym Membership💪🏼

Hi guys!

So after countless 3 day free passes, I decided to finally get a one year membership at Goodlife! I’ve always been hesitant about Goodlife because the Y is where I’ve always felt most comfortable, but it’s time for a change.

fullsizeoutput_10dMy good friend Izzy and I have made it our goal to go 5x a week following a set workout plan. Today marks the fourth day but so far all is going well, and we are actually heading her shortly to start the day with soreness and sweat😅.

If anyone is looking to get a membership at Goodlife I would totally recommend what I stumbled upon yesterday and registered with.  It is a two day sale ending today,  called the family and couple event. If your boyfriend/girlfriend or family member is already registered at Goodlife, they can add you on to their membership for only $15 bi weekly. So thanks to my amazing boyfriend I’m now all on board!

Here’s to one of the first goals of the summer getting completed with finally getting a gym membership!

Wish me luck,



ps: Now I’ll never lose my gym tag with it being attached to this big fluff ball!

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