What my cheat day looks like🍔❤️

Hi guys!

It’s officially been two full weeks of changing my eating style completely. I have never ate healthy in my whole life and the only reason for the change of my eating habits is because of my boyfriend, Brandon. Brandon is super healthy and fit and I’ve never met someone so motivated to live such a healthy lifestyle. After he had to literally sit me down and tell me that my eating habits needed a little adjustments (in the nicest way possible lol) I decided I was going to take his advice and it was time to make a huge change on my eating habits. The first week I cut out all processed foods, and this week I made a lot more health conscious decisions and eating more fruits that I would never usually eat.

In my opinion, the only thing that has gotten me the last two weeks is having a cheat day once a week. This day allows you to eat whatever you have wanted /craved that you avoided throughout the week, and reward yourself for how hard you have worked to eat healthy all week.

So today is my favourite day this week because IT IS CHEAT DAY😃!!!!

Today my cheat day looks like:


  • Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato (still with Skim milk, but a Venti size because it’s cheat day
  • Pilsbury Cinnamon Buns (YUM)


  • Brandon is BBQing Keg Burgers (can be purchased at Food Basics and are totally worth it) and a side of all dressed chips!!!
  • Pepsi (because this is another one of my weaknesses) or Riesling Wine… Quite the toss up


  • Tonight we are going to Canyon Creek. I’ve heard good things about it but never been, so I’m hoping a yummy pasta dish will be an option!

Well typing all this out is making me hungry..  So please feel free to comment and let me know what some of your favourite Cheat Day essentials are!

Enjoy your day,



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