Happy May 1st🌸


Hi Everyone!

Today marks another day to start fresh with new monthly goals, new accomplishments and of course a new monthly playlist!

Reflecting on April it was a crazy, hectic month for myself. Mainly because I successfully finished school. During this month, I lost myself in a lot of stress, ate very poorly, lost track of my goals, and had a hard time planning on what I wanted my next steps in life to be. So today is a very exciting day for me, because it marks a new month and a fresh new perspective.

One new thing I will be starting to do, and will start this month is to find monthly favourites. This will be based on my favourite products/activities/foods/songs/ restaurants or other things that I tried and have loved this month. On the last day of the month I will make a blog post of my “May Favourites”  to share what helped my month great! So if anyone has any suggestions on new cool things you think I’d love to try, please comment or reach out and message me 💌.

Here are 5 goals (celebrating the fifth month of the year) that I will be trying to achieve this month:

  1. Have a daily blog post out at 12pm everyday
  2. Do a fitness class once a week, while still maintaining and following my 5x a week fitness guide
  3. Drink 6,000ml / 4 bottles of 1.5L of water daily
  4. Do a random act of kindness every two weeks
  5. Create a budget sheet to help organize my finances. If anyone has any recommendations on websites that I can use as a budget outline and print out as a hard copy that would be super amazing!

I will be tracking these goals on paper, and at the end of the month I will share the results with all of you!

Now for news about the May Playlist.  I will be posting the full playlist tomorrow, so stay tuned! Now playing is the first song on the playlist: Call Me Out- Sarah Close

Hope you have a fantastic day,




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