After Graduation…


Happpppy Sunday Everyone☀️!

I hope everyone has had a great week, and an even better weekend! For all those hustling hard with either school, work, fitness, personal goals, and just excelling and dealing with life, make sure you spend some well deserved time to relax and take care of yourself☕️❤️ .

So, I have successfully finished school….!!!  Three years later and I have one diploma specializing in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and a post graduate certificate in Event Management.

I feel as if after graduation there is a certain expectation of having to start your career on what you have just spent the time studying in school for. I have decided that I am breaking that expectation for myself and for the people who have that for me.

This past week I have been stressed out by having a lot of decisions to make on how I would like to be spending the first couple months after graduation. I had to make the decision if I would like to jump right into my career (which is specializing in Events and Weddings industry), or if I want to focus on bettering myself and making the most amount of money I can before starting my career. After picturing and spending the time thinking on what I want for the next year, I have chosen to not step into taking on a full time position in my field, but to create new adventures and risks for myself. Right now, it is my ultimate goal to create the most amount of happiness I have ever had in my life. I will now be focusing on making the most money I can, while creating a healthier life style with fitness, eating healthy, and having a more positive mindset.  I will also be taking a huge, exciting, adventurous step in my life by moving out and signing a one year lease with my boyfriend… More to come about that, so stay posted!

All for now,





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