Week overview

Rise and Shine!

I don’t know about you, but this week went by super fast for me. This week I struggled with going to the gym, and I had a hard time eating as clean as I wanted to. I feel the motivation is lacking from having an unorganized work space, and not properly planning my days/week like I usually do.

To make sure this doesn’t continue for next week, I have already made a gym schedule with my workout partner Izzy. We have a 5 day work out week planned from Monday-Friday, and I could not be more excited to start it again. It is my goal to make a meal plan for this week before Monday morning, so if anyone has any healthy suggestions please message me or leave a comment.

This week I spent relaxing and treating myself to a great manicure, pedicure and hair appointment. I work every single day so it’s important to find time to treat yourself whenever you have it (in my opinion at least lol). Here are some pictures we took because I was super happy with how everything turned out.IMG_2445

Blonder the better


I’m thankful I had time for these appointments this week because next week it’s crunch time! I’ll finally be done training at my new serving job at Johnny Rocco’s (so I can finally start making money), and next week is the week I’m getting trained to be an eyelash technician! It’ll be amazing to see everything I’ve been planning pay off. Everyday reminds me that there is so many things to be thankful for.

Well on that note, I’m off because my boyfriend and I have another apartment viewing🤗. I’m really excited and am hoping its fantastic.  If not, that’s okay because everything happens for a reason and we’ll find a better one! But it’d be amazing to find one so early that we love so we can start planning and shopping for it.

Ah, very exciting, wish us luck!



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