Do you want to win a free set of lashes?!

Calling all ladies!

Do you want to win a free set of lashes?! Well, here’s how:


I have completed all of my theory portions of being a certified eyelash technician, and have officially done my first set on my first client🎀! This means that I’m one step closer to being open for business..

I have created a 4 day contest from today: Thursday, May 18th – Sunday, May 21st at 10pm. This contest includes helping me pick a name for my upcoming eyelash extension business, but with a name not focusing on lashes. This is because if I end up supplying different types of services other than lashes, I don’t want people to think I only do lashes because of the company name. I’m looking for a super cute, fun, girly name for my business that’s somewhat short but simple and catchy.

I will be posting the winner of the contest and my new company name on Tuesday, May 23rd.

HOW TO PLAY: As soon as this post is published, the contest has begun.
To contribute in this contest you will contact me by email at: with the subject heading: “I want to win free lashes!”
fullsizeoutput_182RULES: You must submit a minimum of one company idea name,and can submit as many company names that you think would be a great fit, to help increase your chances of winning.

PRIZE: The winner will be contacted by email on Monday, May 22nd. This individual will receive 1 free lash set (that would normally cost around $100) . After contacting the winner, we  will set up an appointment on a day that both accommodates them and myself.

If you have any questions please leave a comment, or email/contact me personally.

Good luck everyone🍀💜!!



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