Celebrating the small things✨


Happy Victoria Day/ reason to have a day off from work🤗!

I just wanted to share how important I think it is to celebrate the smaller things in life. In my opinion, people don’t stop to celebrate enough of the smaller great things/ goals they’ve worked hard to achieve, that they have successfully completed.

This past week I have been randomly super upset and down. When I tried to pin point what was causing this negative attitude I realized that I haven’t taken a break from all the hard work I’ve been doing. I also haven’t been taking moments to appreciate and be proud of my recent tasks, goals and achievements that I have accomplished. From now personally experiencing this, I can positively say that not stopping to appreciate all the hard work you’ve done can have a huge negative effect on yourself. This is because when you don’t take a moment to stop and relax, you feel like you always have tons of more things to accomplish with the feeling as if you are never going anywhere.

After experiencing this I wanted to remind everyone to take a break and celebrate the little things in life. I think for many of us its so hard for us to do that because we are always thinking of the next task we can accomplish, but you have so many things to be proud of, and you deserve that mini celebration for yourself!

In conclusion, take a break and celebrate🎉. Take a minute and do something that shows how appreciative and proud you are of yourself (or someone else) of how your hard work has paid off because, you deserve it! If someone you love has accomplished a goal or task they’ve been wanting to complete, make sure they celebrate it. This could mean having a mini celebration with them over a glass of their favourite wine, bring them over flowers, make a cute card, or take them out to their favourite restaurant. Celebrations don’t need to be expensive, they just need to show you have taken the time out to appreciate what you’ve completed.  It’s important to reward yourself of everything you’ve done so you can continue to accomplish everything else you want to do with a relaxed, inspired, positive mind set.

Today I’m celebrating my small goal that I’m proud of accomplishing which is reaching over 1,820 views on my blog since my first blog post! Let me know what you’re celebrating 💗🥂!

Enjoy today,


PS: Ladies, hope you love this song and it reminds you that you’re kicking ass in life.


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