DAY 3 of working in the Dominican Republic..✈️🌴

Hola Amigos!!💞

So its 9:35am and its the beginning of DAY 3 working as a Trip Leader in the Dominican Republic.

Yesterday was our first full day, and it was a great one. I set two goals for myself and achieved both of them which was great.But, what was even better was that I got rewarded for accomplishing these goals and I scored some extra time off in my day today. This means TIME TO HANGOUT AT THE OCEAN!!! Im really excited for some time off that I can spend tanning at the beach because my breaks have only been at 8pm so far, and as my friend Izzy told me the other day: ” You are the whitest you have been in a long time”(which is pretty uncommon).

Here’s a quick overview of what my day 3 is looking like for today:
– Two staff meetings beside the beach
– Surfing
– Time off.. AKA tanning and finally relaxing at the beach!
– And working at a party…
Not too shabby of a Wednesday for ya.

This hotel is really nice. Im staying at the Grand Bahia Principe San Juan resort in Puerto Plata and its pretty beautiful. The lobby is really big and spacious, and all the staff is incredible. There are three pools which get cleaned every night and looks great every day. One thing that was really surprising is how short of a distance you have access to of the ocean. What I mean is that there are rocks that are placed as boulders and wave stoppers because apparently the waves are super big and strong here, so which puts a limit of how far out you can go in the water. I love playing in the waves so thats one thing I was really shocked about and if it was a trip for pleasure instead of work I’d be kinda bummed out. Overall I’d say including this factor and that the sand is not the amazing, soft type of sand, I’d rate the beach 3.5/5.

The food here is what I expected. Not amazing 5 star food but it’s pretty good and everyone seems to be happy with it. I think I am a pretty unfair food critique because I can only stick to simple things because of my nut allergy. The last couple days my diet has consisted of a lot of fresh fruits, soooo much pineapple juice and pizza and french fries. They have Heinz ketchup here which is amazzingggggg. From talking to people who can eat any food, they have said its a lot better than food in Cuba but is not amazing lacks a little bit on flavour.

Anyways, there’s a little update from me! Now, time for some surfing 🏄!! I will try to post again soon❣️

Hugs and kisses from the Dominican,


2 Comments on “DAY 3 of working in the Dominican Republic..✈️🌴

  1. that sounds amazing! how is your new house looking? I would love to see some pics, my boyfriend and I are thinking about taking it to the next level and I would love to see what kind of ideas you have!


    • Hi Leeah! Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately the tenants who were supposed to move out changed their minds and we never ended up getting the place :(. Even though we signed the lease… Lol funny how things change. Thank you for the comment though!


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