Experiencing new things

I am currently doing something I have never done before and it feels great. Right now, I am dining in my favourite restaurant, drinking my favourite drink and enjoying my favourite meal. The thing that makes this situation one that I’ve never experienced before is that I’m doing this all alone.

Recently I have made a goal to start focusing on how to learn experiencing life being alone without the feeling of being dependent on someone else for an outlet of happiness. I have a tendency of usually always trying to surround myself with someone because I enjoy their company more than my own. Similar to other people, I experience a common feeling of lonlieness whenever I’m alone.

I love people. Meeting new people, talking to new people and learning about all different types of people. As much as I love experiencing that, I have never really learned to experience a consistent happiness of the feeling of being alone.

Tonight is the start to my goal of instead of feeling empty and lonely when I am alone to feel alive, confident, happy and to find inspiration in being alone.

Cheers to new beginnings,



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