Don’t trust me on my days off…✈️

The other day I had my first night off I’ve had in a while. I learned that in my night off,  I cannot be trusted to have a “normal night off”. This is because I will book a trip or plan/experience some sort of crazy adventure.

To be honest, I actually love that adventurous aspect of my personality. Craving adventure, and then following through with it shortly after by booking a trip or experience that I’ll never regret.

So…. At the end of September I’m going to LAS VEGAS🎉! This is the first time I will be experiencing Vegas, and I am SO excited 😍.

Image result for paris hotel las vegas

I will be staying in the Paris hotel for four nights and will be there for five days.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you guys about as many recommendations of MUST DO’s in Vegas for dining, night life and entertainment.

Since I love lists, I will be creating a list of goals to achieve and experience in Vegas. Once I have a few things in mind, and hear from you guys about what I need to experience, I will be posting it on my blog!

Stay tuned and be sure to let me know what your Vegas favourites are of restaurants/nightlife/entertainment/ and experiences in Las Vegas!

That’s all for now,



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