Time to Play Catch up!

Hi lovelies💕 !

Its that time again where I have gone MIA on my blog trying to figure out my life. (Also, as you can tell from my blog right now, I’m switching the format a bit so bare with me as I redesign my site). As I may have mentioned before, I love blogging but one of the scariest things about having your own blog is being held accountable for what you post. That is a huge reason why I both love and hate having my own blog.

Fortunately, I am at a time in my life where it couldn’t be more clear what my wants, needs and values are.

Here’s a quick preview: 

January couldn’t of been a better month to start 2018 off. I experienced a trip to L.A

Our hike to the Hollywood sign!

for my first time with one of my best girlfriends Kelsey (we started off strangers at the beginning of the trip, but that’s a story for another blog post),  travelled to Mexico for my first time on my first trip with my boyfriend, and had a great 22nd birthday on the 31st!  This year I spent my birthday snowboarding in Blue Mountain with one of my best friends Izzy. We stayed the night in Blue Mountain, and it was a great one!

Celebrating 22 in Blue Mountain


Speaking of boyfriend, this is my better half:
28 years young and accomplishing his goals of working as a firefighter and/or paramedic.


I couldn’t ask for someone to love me better and be a better support system than what he gives me. Imagine having a girlfriend who’s passion is to travel the world, when you’re working towards accomplishing your dream career. It’s not easy, but he makes it the best it can be by supporting me every day.


Right now, I don’t even know what the proper time is, or matter of fact what day I am currently living in.  I know at home right now it’s Thursday Feb. 22nd in the afternoon, but home couldn’t be farther away right now.

In around twenty minutes, I will be landing in Sydney, Australia accomplishing my dream of travelling and working in Australia. I will be living in Australia for just over two months. The first month I am travelling to a bunch of different places in Australia with one of my best girl friends Erika. For the second month, I have gotten myself a job working for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

I have been on the plane for almost 15 hours now, and it still doesn’t feel real. Maybe physically getting off the plane and realizing I am at the beginning of accomplishing one of my dreams, then maybe it’ll feel real.

Erika and I will be spending our first 3 nights in Sydney, and I will try to be posting as much as possible. If you’re interested in keeping up with our travels through Australia go to my home page and scroll to the bottom on the right hand side and click “Follow my blog through email” and then you’ll always know when there’s new adventures posted!

Lots of love,


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