Hi everyone!

As most of you know, at the beginning of the year I booked my first vacation to L.A. I’ve had a lot of people asking about my trip, and what the “must do’s” are, so I hope this blog post helps!

In January one of my co-workers, Kelsey and I booked a spontaneous five day trip to L.A. Even though Kelsey and I only had a few brief conversations with each other prior to booking this trip, we thought we’d give it a try.
L.A is somewhere most people envision fame, glamour, money, and luxury. During my short visit to L.A I learned that every place you go to is a complete different experience, giving you the mix of a little bit of everything. Five months after our trip, the co-worker I barely knew, is now one of my best friends, and together we experienced an unforgettable trip to L.A.

There is an unlimited amount of things to do in L.A, that it almost may be a little overwhelming.  L.A is full of many different vibes, such as Rodeo Drive fulfilling the picture perfect scene, full of high end stores and rich people living their glamorous, every day lives. Venice Beach + Boardwalk is full of beach vibes, and is surrounded by a lot of street performers and free spirits. Abbot Kinney Blvd is a street you cannot miss out on, and is filled with cute shops and restaurants. Abbot Kinney Blvd is still located in Venice, but is almost like a whole new place with it’s different scenery. As you probably get the point, L.A is full of everything. So if there’s a place/town/or neighbourhood you may not enjoy, don’t worry because the next street over or the next town you go to will be completely different.

Our highlights of VENICE:

  • Venice Beach
  • Venice Beach Boardwalk
  • Abbot Kinney Blvd.
  • Marina Del Rey

As mentioned above, Venice beach and boardwalk is where you’ll find a lot of free spirits.IMG_0536 Personally, coming from a small, preppy town it is very cool to see how different and how happy people are doing crazy things you’d never experience seeing in a small town. With our empty stomachs, one thing we noticed while on the boardwalk is that there weren’t too many appealing places to eat. It may just have been where we specifically were, but it was definitely hard to find a good place to get dinner.
Abbot Kinney Blvd is a great place to check out cute, unique shops and foods. There are a lot of pricey stores, but also some great ones that are super cute and affordable. “Heavenly Couture” was one of my favourites.  We tried out a lunch place called “Lemonade” and split their “Not so Little Italy” and “Special grilled cheese” sandwiches. They also had great soups, and had many different flavours of lemonade. The way they organize guests placing and making their food orders is pretty different, and may be confusing. But overall, it is a great place to grab a quick lunch.

To end the night off in Venice, we Uber’d to the Marina Del Rey area and strolled around taking in all the breath taking, beautiful views. We went to the Warehouse Restaurant, which is a casual, American food restaurant. IMG_0002 The food wasn’t anything to brag about, but we got a window seat near the water and enjoyed our food and drinks with the pretty marina views.

How we spent our day in SANTA MONICA:

  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Pacific Park
  • The Bungalow
  • Lago Restaurant

We started Day Two off with Ubering to Santa Monica from Venice. We woke ourselves up by enjoying coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf which is a small, cafe on the Santa Monica Pier. IMG_0597We got our coffees and took a stroll down the pier while appreciating the beautiful morning we had. We then went on some rides in Pacific Park, with the Ferris Wheel being my favourite because of the Santa Monica views you get at the top.

We then walked to Downtown Santa Monica, and did some shopping. Something you have to check out for either a meal, or just some drinks, is The Fairmont Bungalow. It’s absolutely beautiful, very popular, classy, and a great place for celebrity spotting’s.  We also went to a really great Italian restaurant called Lago which had great food and service.

What we got up to in HOLLYWOOD:

  • Hollywood Sign Hike
  • In-N-Out
  • The Abbey
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Warner Bros. Studios
  • Catch L.A
  • Laugh Factory
  • Il Pasta Ristorante

In my opinion, Hollywood is definitely the most glamorous part of L.A. The nightlife is amazing, and people watching never gets boring.  One of the most memorable activities we did in Hollywood was the hike to the Hollywood sign. Long story short, Kelsey and I got the wrong directions on the correct way to do the hike. When you do the correct trail/hike, you end up behind the Hollywood sign. IMG_0737As you can see in this picture, we are waaay in front of it. It was still super fun, and I loved the views of the sign from the way we took, but if you are interested in the hike from seeing and being behind the sign, make sure you have the correct path/route before you go, and bring lots of water!!

In-N-Out is one of the most hyped things about L.A. You see it a ton of times on Instagram, and each time I have gone, it is always full of customers inside the restaurants, and it always has a busy drive through (which is a good sign). This incredibly popular restaurant is something you can’t miss out on in L.A, and have to go to check it out for yourself. I have visited L.A two different times, and have gone to two different In-N-Out restaurants.  Unfortunately, both times I went I hated it. The food was cold, shakes were warm and the service was slow. I love McDonald’s and Wendy’s, so it’s not that I’m this hard to please, food critic. Hopefully, this was just two times of bad luck, and if you go it is as good as it’s reputation.

Another incredibly popular thing is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This was somewhere Kelsey and I tried Ubering too, until we realized we were literally standing on it. This is another thing that didn’t really live up to it’s expectation, with having so many dirty spots along the walk. The Hollywood Walk of Fame goes on forever, and is something you need to see while in Hollywood, but just know that not all spots on it are as perfect as pictures make it look.

We ended our first day in Hollywood with dinner at Catch L.A. This was one of my favourite restaurants with it’s beautiful, picturesque scenery, and great food. This is somewhere you definitely dress up for, and somewhere you will NEED to make a reservation for. IMG_0001This is a great restaurant for seafood lovers, or somewhere just for great cocktails, and mouthwatering desserts. Make sure you save room for the “Hit Me” chocolate cake because its one of the best desserts you’ll ever have. After enough cocktails we made our way to a comedy show we bought tickets for online for the Laugh Factory. I have been to comedy shows before, but to be honest, this wasn’t one of my favourites.

Our second day in Hollywood we spent checking out Rodeo Drive, and having another fabulous meal at Il Pasta Ristorante. This was an Italian meal that served an unbelievable chicken parmesan, and had a cute patio overlooking the expensive stores, and people who walked them. 26815100_1914517712197596_8477820100182266391_nThis was another time I felt myself getting lost in L.A, by observing the people and admiring the crazy lifestyle they must live. After a great experience at this restaurant we went to our next stop which was at Warner Bros. for a studio tour. This is where we got to see the set of Friends, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter (I’m not a fan, but Kelsey is a huge one) and many more. IMG_0817The tour took up most of the day, and because of one of my connections in L.A, we got free passes.

After the tour, we went back to our beautiful Airbnb and got freshened up for a night out. (I also would 100% recommend checking out Airbnb before getting a hotel, because our experience this trip with our Airbnb accommodation was a lot better than the hotel room we got. )

We wanted a fun night out on the town, and that’s what we got when we spent our night at The Abbey. The Abbey, is a gay bar, and we happened to go on the night where they were performing an incredible drag show. Since this was the first drag show I have ever been too, I was mesmerized. We had so much fun, socializing with new friends and drinking until the bar closed. The Abbey was really a great nightlife experience.

Visiting L.A, and the memories you make will be something you will never forget. As you can tell there are many things to do, so to get the most out of your trip I would recommend planning ahead. We couldn’t be happier with the time we spent there which was four nights, and five days. A very important thing I learned while in L.A is that a lot of places are close to each other in distance, but will take an extra 20-30 minutes to travel because of the insane amount of traffic (keep this in mind while timing out activities and travel time).

This was my first time in L.A but definitely won’t be my last. Thanks for reading, and I’d love to know your “L.A MUST DO’S”, so leave a comment below.



ALOHA from Hawaii🌺!

ALOHA, from Hawaii and Happy Wednesday🌞!

One week ago is when I flew from Sydney, Australia and met my boyfriend flying from Toronto, Canada for a spontaneous 9 day adventure to Oahu, HAWAII! It’s been exactly one week into our trip, and we couldn’t have asked for better. Before we came this is what our weather forecast looked like for our vacation:

We were DEVASTATED from seeing this weather forecast because so much of what we wanted to do was outside. We also found out that Hawaii’s rain season was just ending so this weather was a huge possibility. Rain or shine, we knew we would make the most out of this trip and be very grateful we’ve been able to make this dream vacation together a reality. After our time here so far, I can confidently say that the weather has been picture perfect. It hasn’t rained once, the sun has shined everyday making the most perfect weather for beach days, hikes and all outdoor activities we have accomplished.

This trip, we decided to switch up our accommodations from our last trip, which was at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. We decided we’d check out Airbnb and after some looking, we found a great bachelor style place on the North Shore in Waialua. It has all the necessities we need and is a five minute walk to a beautiful, private beach. I would highly recommend staying on the North Shore because it’s not full of tourists. It’s only a 15 minute drive to the grocery store, and more importantly only a five minute drive to their local Starbucks. Its around an hour drive to Honolulu which makes a perfect day trip. If you are planning a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, one thing I’d highly recommend is renting a car for the duration of your stay. There are buses, but having your own car will allow you to get around the island very easily and benefit you extremely.

Skydiving: On our surprise trip to Hawaii, we’ve done absolutely everything I have dreamed. Something that we are able to check off our bucket lists is jumping out of a plane and SKYDIVING. This has been hands down, the highlight of our trip. We booked our skydiving trip before we arrived in Hawaii, and booked with Pacific Skydiving. The staff was incredibly rude when we first arrived, but all the skydiving instructors/professionals were awesome. Attached below is my full sky diving video: (PS: When you jump out of the plane you’re not supposed to move your legs, so of course I decided to kick them and try to run out of the sky???)

Parasailing: John and I decided we’d also both try parasailing for our first time! It was an incredible experience. We had beautiful views of the ocean and it was so much fun being so high up, relaxing in the air! We booked it with Xtreme Water Sports and actually saved $90 from booking it on Groupon (pictures coming soon)!

Shopping at the Ala Moana Centre: The Ala Moana Centre is ranked the seventh largest mall in the United States. It’s filled with luxury, high end stores, but also has your average stores you love as well. It’s half outdoors so it’s a perfect way to spend an evening (even if you’re just strolling around admiring it all).

Pearl Harbour Monument: Checking out the Pearl Harbour and USS Arizona Monument was also very interesting to visit. We were able to join the last free tour of the day, which included a boat ride to the USS Arizona, and a short documentary of the Pearl Harbour attack, and the story behind it.


Top of Diamond Head Hike

Today we are going to be hiking the Koko Head Hike. So far, we have completed two hikes. The first being the Pillbox Hike, and the second was Diamond Head Hike. Our favourite was the Pillbox Hike because there were a lot less tourists, it was more adventurous and fun, and a lot better views at the summit.

Climbing up to the Pillboxes Hike (Pillbox shown at top of picture)

It took us around two hours roundtrip to complete the Pillbox Hike.  The Diamond Head Hike is a very popular hike and I’d recommend starting with that being the first hike you do on your trip. It took around an hour and fifteen minutes roundtrip to complete, with finishing our hike by getting passiontfruit shaved ice and a mango smoothie from the food truck at the bottom of the hike. For the Diamond Head Hike, there is also parking right at the bottom of the hike, and washrooms available.

Passionfruit Shaved Ice

We have also been very lucky to have some fantastic beach days, and be able to check out the beautiful beaches on this island. We have been to Waialua Beach (which is the private beach near our Airbnb), Turtle Beach, and Lanikai Beach. Lanikai Beach has been our favourite with beautiful sand and beautiful views. Today we are visiting Waimanalo Bay Beach Park after our Koko Head hike, and on Thursday we’ll be heading over to Sunset Beach which is only an 8 minute drive from us (yay)!

Views of Lanikai Beach from the Summit of the Pillbox Hike

For the most part of our trip, we have been buying groceries and cooking meals. A few places we checked out because of recommendations was Cinnamon’s Restaurant, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, The Plantation Grille (at the Dole Plantation), had our favourite lunch at Sprout Sandwiches and had our favourite dinner in Honolulu at Fète . At Fète, we had their Grilled Prosciutto Caprese Sandwich and Chaz Burger which are are to DIE FOR! I also tried this delicious drink with shaved ice and rum based called the Nu’uanu Swizzle. The restaurant is a bit smaller so it was very intimate, and we had great service which obviously made it so much better.

At Cinnamon’s we both tried Eggs Benedict for our first time, which was a great choice. We finished with getting one of their cinnamon buns, and believe it or not, Cinnamon’s Restaurant doesn’t have the best cinnamon buns? But minus that, I would absolutely recommend them for a yummy breakfast place to check out.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck  was insane. It was the busiest food truck out of all the food trucks, and we spent around 45 minutes total, of waiting in line, and then waiting for our food. We got the “Hot and Spicy Shrimp” and believe them when they say how hot this dish is. If you love hot and spicy food like I do, I’d recommend getting the hot sauce on the side. I really thought I’d be able to eat the hot and spicy food (minus the warnings I was given) but it was one of those dishes that were too hot you couldn’t even properly enjoy it.

The half way point in the crazy line and 45 minute wait of getting food at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Dole Whip from the Dole Plantation was highly recommended to us. Since we wanted to check out the plantation anyways, we decided we’d grab a quick lunch and finish off the meal with trying their iconic Dole Whip. It ended up being a great place to check out and browse around. They also offer activities such as the “worlds largest maze” !

Casually a rooster just hanging out behind me while I devour the Dole Whip


Overall, this trip so far has been one of the best trips of my life. I love all the endless amount of activities their are to do, and how incredibly beautiful the scenery is. Our vacation is 9 nights long, so we have 2 more nights of paradise in this dream world! If anyone has any last minute recommendations of what to do in Oahu, we’d love to hear them!





Hey friends!

I know I said I was going to post about our stay in Cairns next, but I thought this would be MUCH more entertaining since this is our first stay gone wrong!! As mentioned in all of my other Australia posts, our trip has been unbelievably incredible and a dream come true. Since I have kept all of you guys in the loop about all of our breathtaking experiences, the time has come where we have experienced our first couple bumps in the road. Basically, our two night trip to Brisbane was a complete bust!!!
Here’s why- 
PS: Make sure you don’t stop reading until you’ve heard about the grossest part of the story,.. (You’ll find out soon)

We started off our trip to Brisbane by learning that early flights are the best way to travel and still be able to have majority of your day! Mentioned in my latest blog post ( Our Guide to Sydney, Australia ) we thought it was a “rookie mistake” taking the early flight from Sydney to Cairns. After our 3pm flight from Cairns- Brisbane we learned that after wasting an entire day on travel, the early flight (like we took leaving Sydney) would have definitely been the best way to go.

By the time we got our luggage, left the airport, and checked into our hotel, Morgan Suits it was around 8pm. Morgan Suites was our accommodation for our entire trip to Brisbane, which ended up being a horrible mistake! We started off having a rough check in, by having to make three different phone calls to find the key to our room, and then another phone call to find out which room we were in because the room they told us didn’t exist  (we had to do this because their reception desk closes at 5pm, and this was their after hours “procedure”) . By the time we got access to our room, all we wanted to do was take a shower and go for a nice meal. This night, we learned that our hot water didn’t exist and the only temperature we could get was freezing cold. This was pretty annoying but after the check in we just had, neither of us really cared.
After getting all freshened up, we took an Uber to the Spaghetti House which was actually the best dinner we’ve had so far on our trip, and ended up being the best thing about our visit to Brisbane?!!! At dinner, we had bruschetta to start, shared an incredible ricotta and spinach ravioli, and an arrabbiata penne dish. To drink we split a pitcher of sangria, and got a little tiramisu for dessert. The pastas were to DIE for and I can honestly say I haven’t had that great of Italian food in my life!

Day two in Brisbane is where our troubles started occurring. We were able to sleep in which was very needed, and then we headed over to the Beer Garden for drinks and lunch. Since it was Sunday there was a really cute market going on which was walking distance from the Beer Garden. Our lunch wasn’t the greatest, but we continued on with the hot day and to our next stop being the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was a $24 Uber ride to the sanctuary where Erika got sick, and we found out the koala holdings were sold out for the day (a huge reason on why we wanted to come). After talking to one of the employees we discovered you can’t reserve a spot online, and its based on a first come, first serve basis. She also mentioned groups are able to reserve spots from third party companies, but unless we are a big tour group we are unable to do that. After being disappointed with this visit we found another Koala and Kangaroo Sanctuary in one of our upcoming stops. Finding out this new information, we made the decision to go to the sanctuary in Burleigh Heads, take another $25 Uber back, grab our swim suits and check out the Southbank City beach and unwind. This beach was awesome to check out because it was the first man made beach I’ve ever been to. The weather was around 34C, and after around thirty minutes on the beach it started pouring rain which is when we decided it was a good time to call it quits on our beach trip. We made the decision that based on the day we had, we would just go to a grocery store, pick up some food, a couple bottles of wine, and make dinner at our hotel.

Back at the Morgan Suites Hotel, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a dip in the pool and wash away our worries. After swimming, we were excited to take hot showers, jump into our pjs, and start dinner. When we returned to our rooms soaking wet, we were about to shower when there was absolutely no hot water coming out… again. This time, we decided to call the front desk where they told us maintenance would come up in no more than twenty minutes and fix our problem. 35 minutes passed, and no maintenance person. When we called back a second time, they promised the manager was on their way (who I guess is also the maintenance person) and they would be no longer than 10 minutes. Another 20 minutes passed, and still no manager. In the mean time of waiting for the manager (just so we could shower), a fuse blew, shut down the fridge, washer and dryer machine, and completely burnt my iPhone charger (my charger was literally SMOKING, and as I’m writing this I realize how happy I am that I can finally laugh about this awful night). Now having a new, and an additional problem, we really needed a manager to come to our room.

It took a total of five phone calls to be told each time that the manager was coming. It took over an hour and a half of us waiting to shower, start dinner, and holding us from completing our wash, for a manager that even after an hour and a half still never came. Our last phone call was the most disturbed because after we decided we would just start dinner (instead of waiting to do it after the manager came) we pulled out the pot we were going to use for soup which was full of rust,  random brown liquid, and also full of MAGGOTS. When we called the manager for the last time, we sent pictures of the pot and maggots, and she sat there having no idea what to say. When we asked what she was going to do about this problem, she explained she was 40 minutes away and “how typical this is” of the on-site manager to not show up. After listening to her bash her own staff in a very unprofessional manner, she gave us directions to another key for a complete different room to spend the night in. She explained to us that she would be working the next morning, so to come visit her at the desk when we wake up, and we’d work everything out.  After being exhausted from having to deal with all this,  we made dinner in our now clean apartment (yay), drank our wine and called it a night.

8:00 in the morning is when we were randomly awoken to our loud, hotel phone ringing continuously until we picked up. When we answered it was the manager from last night asking if it was fine if maintenance came in to fix the water of the room in our old, vacant room. 10am was our check out time, so to be awoken from the manager so they could fix a problem that wasn’t even a problem for their guests anymore, (instead of waiting till we checked out) was pretty annoying. When we woke up, we made our way to the front desk and prepared for another annoying conversation with their unprofessional hotel staff. A long story short of our conversation is, when I explained the obvious of how all of these problems were not okay, the General Manger told me it was my fault (I’m laughing right now while reliving this moment in my head). He explained that I should of called the first night after our check in (that was miserable, and tedious) and we should of complained about the water. ***SIDE NOTE: When there are a pot full of maggots you’re about to cook your dinner in, the original problem of no hot water DOES NOT MATTER NOW!**
Anyways, when he repeatedly told me it was my fault for these problems, I interrupted and said “So to understand, it was my fault there was no hot water, my fault a fuse broke with having one thing plugged in, my fault my iPhone charger got fried and burned, and my fault there were maggots in a pot we tried to use.” After he listened to how ridiculous this sounded, he explained how it was just my fault for there being no hot water. Ok, thanks General Manager. When we told him about how we waited for the manager who was suppose to be on her way to our room, who never showed up, he first accused of us lying and then after looking at my call logs, and speaking to the other female manager realized we were right.

Overall, from always working in customer service and specializing in the restaurant and hotel industry, I know what treating a guest is supposed to look like. From dealing with The Morgan Suites horrible professionalism, dirty hotel rooms, not loyal and very disrespectful staff, it would have just made sense to stay at another hostel! Obviously, when the owner found out about this situation, he refunded our entire stay. So, looking on the bright side when we left that place, we left a couple hundred dollars richer! I celebrated this news with buying an iced coffee from next door that I soon realized was made with expired ingredients (LOL my luck). 

I am so happy that I am able to write this blog post crying with laughter. Remembering these feelings of anger, annoyance and being extremely grossed out and but being obviously 100% physically and emotionally okay from this, it’s good to laugh about these things. This was a huge reminder for us that travelling isn’t always going to be a piece of cake, and is definitely not as easy as Instagram makes it look! We are so thankful that this has still been the only bad experience we’ve had with having spent almost three weeks in Australia! If anything bad happens to you or friends while travelling, and at the end of the day everyone is OK, realize that this will be an awful memory you’ll be able to laugh about for years.


Our guide to Sydney, Australia done right in five nights!

Hi everyone! I have written below our guide to successfully adventuring Sydney, Australia in five nights. Erika and I spent a total of five nights in Sydney, which ended up being the perfect amount of time for us. We spent the first three nights in downtown Sydney at Megaboom Hotel, and the last two nights we spent in Noah’s Backpackers Bondi Hostel. We had some days where the weather was very sunny and beautiful, and the others where it was rainy and gloomy (which limited us to some things, but still made the best out of!) .

Our five day guide in Sydney consisted of:

Day One: A day spent in Surry Hills
(blog post has been recently uploaded about Surry Hills)

Day Two: Day Spent in Blue Mountains
(blog post has been recently uploaded about our day in the Blue Mountains)

Day Three: Sight Seeing
We spent day three visiting iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you Uber to the Sydney Opera house, you are able to get both of these views, plus a walk away from the Botanic Gardens. Considering the rainy weather we had this day, we passed on the Botanic Gardens, but made the best out of everything else!

After we were done exploring, all we wanted to do was warm up with a cup of tea or grab some food. A couple of things we learned this day is that in Sydney A LOT of restaurants and cafes are closed on Sundays. This was a big problem for us because since we didn’t have our Roam-like-Home plan on, we needed to find wifi to connect to for our ride back to the hotel. The other thing we have learned is that in Sydney,  Ubers are really expensive. After figuring out our wifi situations, we stopped at our hotel, freshened up, and made our way over to Darling Harbour for an Italian dinner.

Day Four: Climbing up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, shopping at the Westfield mall, and, making our way to our two nights in Bondi
10:35am is when our bridge climb at the Sydney Harbour Bridge began. It takes around an hour to suit up and learn the safety procedures for this climb. One thing I found interesting and unexpected was that they do a breathalyzer test to see your blood alcohol level. Because of this, I would extremely recommend making sure you don’t have a crazy night before doing the climb (so you are able to complete it, and not having to get escorted out from alcohol). After the hour of suiting up and training, we were out on the bridge for two hours. While we were out there we learned that this bridge is the biggest single arch bridge in the world, and this is defiantly the place to be to get the views of Sydney. On this tour we were unable to take our cameras or go pros, which made this a fantastic opportunity to ditch our technology, and take in absolutely everything. After the time we spent on the bridge, we purchased some pictures from the climb, and made our way to “The Australian” which was a good, walking distance restaurant. The Westfield mall was our next stop after that, and this is where I discovered and fell in love with a super cute Swedish stationary store called Kikki.K . If you don’t know me, I love being super organized, and am always on a mission of trying to find the perfect day planner. This is where I found the cutest one ever, that was leather, bright pink (my favourite colour), and where I could engrave my initials on it in gold.IMG_2121The Westfield mall is also where I fell in love and purchased my first pair of Australian Quay sunglasses. After finishing off a successful shopping trip, we picked up our luggage from our hotel and Uber’d our way to Bondi (which is actually pronounced Bond-eye and not Bond-ee, for those who were unsure). Our first night in Bondi was a Monday night which meant we were absolutely clueless on where to go for a good “night life” experience. At our hostel we were lucky enough to have a list of the places “to be” during the day and at night for every day of the week. Monday’s suggested night out was located at the Bavarian Bar for drinks and karaoke.

When we headed over to the Bavarian it was around 9pm and we didn’t know what to expect. We found out the last call at the bar was at 10:30pm, so we didn’t waste time ordering drinks. An average cocktail was priced around $18, so we learned that the smart way to drink is cutting the price in half by ordering mixed drinks (such as one of my classics, vodka crans.) Around 12pm is when they kicked everyone out, which is considered very early for what we’re used to. At that time we stumbled on the way home back to our hostel, with our voices lost from loudly and poorly “singing” karaoke.

Day Five: Spending the day at Bondi Beach and the Bondi Icebergs .
Today we spent the majority of our day at Australia’s number one beach, Bondi Beach, and also at the famous Bondi Icebergs pool. At the pool they charge you $7 for an all day pass, and you can rent a towel for $3.50. The views of walking to these two destinations were picture perfect, and definitely must sees. We decided that when the sun went down, we’d go back to our hostel, refresh, and make our way for dinner and some drinks. With no dinner destination in mind, we discovered Hotel Bondi where we had a really enjoyable dinner. The restaurant was clean, the staff was friendly, good variety of food options, and it had a decent amount of dinner and drink specials. Hotel Bondi also had a very cute outdoor patio that we enjoyed our dinner on, before making our way to our next stop “The Bucketlist” for some drinks. The Bucketlist is a restaurant I have heard a lot of hype about before our trip. After being there, the scene is really cool, with a lot of vibrant lights and extreme beach vibes. I checked out their menu before hand, which I wasn’t too fond of, so that’s why we only stopped in for some drinks. This place I would definitely recommend checking out during the day, as I think it’d be a perfect place to chill out and enjoy some drinks during a hot, sunny beach day.

This was our last night in Bondi, and where we learned that we made a rookie mistake while booking our first domestic Australian flight. The next morning we needed to be at the airport two hours early for our 7am flight to Cairns. This called for heading back to the hostel after the Bucketlist and getting to bed around 1am. Even though we tried having an early night for our early morning, we arrived to the airport only 45 minutes before our flight took off. We were literally “those people” who made it just before our flight check in closed….. Oops…

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better first experience in Sydney. We accomplished everything we wanted to, and were very pleased with the length of our stay. We both think any more time in Sydney would have been too long, and any less wouldn’t have been enough.

Thanks for staying connected with our travels, and keep an eye for my next blog adventures of how we spent our 4 days in Cairns, Australia.

Love sent from Australia,